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Agilent supports scientists in 110 countries in cutting-edge life science research; patient diagnostics; and testing required to ensure the safety of water, food and pharmaceuticals. Our advanced instruments, software, consumables, and services enable our customers to produce the most accurate and reliable results as well as optimal scientific, economic, and operational outcomes.

We play a role in advancing important research and testing, with our scientists creating some of the world's most leading-edge technology and our field engineers working side by side with customers to help them maximize productivity. We bring these solutions to a variety of markets, from pharma and diagnostics to applied materials and chemicals.

Together with our customers, we’re bringing great science to life.

AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES Sales & Services GmbH & co KG a choisi ses mots clés en lien avec son activité :

* analyse cellulaire - cell analysis
* électrophorèse capillaire (appareil et réactif) - capillary electrophoresis (instrument and reagent)
* électrophorèse capillaire (appareil) - capillary electrophoresis (instrument)
* électrophorèse capillaire (réactif) - capillary electrophoresis (reagent)
* chromatographie - chromatography
* cytométrie de flux (appareil et réactif) - flow cytometry (instrument and reagent)
* logiciel (LIMS) - software (LIMS)
* logiciel de gestion laboratoire - Laboratory management software
* matériel d occasion - used equipment
* préparation échantillon - sample preparation
* qPCR (Real-Time PCR) - qPCR (Real-Time PCR)
* réparation - repair
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