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Ziath is a British developer and manufacturer of products to streamline sample management in drug discovery and biobanking applications with more than 15 years’ experience of suppling high-quality barcode readers to laboratories in over 100 countries.

Ziath offers bespoke sample management solutions and comprehensive technical guidance to academic institutions, biotech companies and the pharma drug discovery sector. We understand the challenges involved in developing new and innovative procedures. Ziath’s robust and flexible sample tracking solutions are fully customisable, reliable and scalable.

Ziath’s high-quality instruments offer efficient sample tracking for busy pipelines and are designed to easily integrate into existing systems and workflows. Ziath’s teams have direct experience at the lab bench, so they completely understand the applications and challenges faced by our users. This enables Ziath to deliver an unrivalled service to our customers. No matter what your needs, you can rely on Ziath to provide trustworthy solutions to help you manage your samples.

We work with a range of people from different backgrounds and industries who all rely on large tissue or genomic sample and compound libraries to drive their work. Here at Ziath, we combine industry expertise with advanced technologies to deliver bespoke solutions and unparalleled technical support to ensure our customers can spend more time on their research and less worrying about the location of their samples."

ZIATH LTD a choisi ses mots clés en lien avec son activité :

* étiquette code à barres - barcode label
* biobanque - biobank
* cryotube - cryotube
* culture cellulaire (prestation) - cell culture (services)
* génomique - genomics
* génotypage - genotyping
* imprimante code à barres - barcode printer
* lecteur de code à barres - barcode scanner
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