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AA / ICP spectrometry (training)
AA spectrometry
AAV minicircle
AAV plasmid
abrasion test
absorbent liners
absorbent material
absorbent paper and blotting paper
absorbent paper roll
absorption table
accessorie - animals
accessorie - container safety
accessorie coagulation
accessorie for balance
accessorie rubber and silica
accessorie surgical
accessorie X-ray fluorescence
acid and alkaline pipe
acid base properties
acids inert furniture and devices
acrylamid gel tank for electrophoresis
activated carbon cupboards
active storage
activity assay
adapter straight
adapter threaded
additive dosage
adhesion promoter
adhesion testing
adhesive film
adhesive strength
adiabatic column
adiabatic reaction calorimetry
adjusting weights
adjustment surfaces (software)
adsorbent for chromatography (silica, alumina)
aeration of fluid
aeration valve
after sales service
agarose gel tank for electrophoresis
agitated heating block
agitator air tire for container
agitator air tires for can
agitator bath quadrotherme
agitator pneumatic air food
agitator rotating field
air analysis
air analysis (services)
air collector
air conditioning unit
air conditioning unit control
air cooled cages for transgenic animal
air filtration
air motor
air treatment
air velocity measurement
alarm monitoring solution
alcohol analyzer
algaecide for bath
alkalin phosphatase
allergern (detection)
aluminium paper
amino acid
amino acid analysis
anaerobic chamber
anaerobic station
anaerobic workstation
analitical applications seminar
analyser (mercury, oil products)
analysis according to COFRAC standards (services)
Analysis according to European pharmacopeia
analysis according to european pharmacopeia (services)
analysis amino acid (services)
Analysis and determination of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
analysis bag
analysis of agricultural products (services)
analysis of blood types
analysis of catalysers
analysis of chemicals (services)
analysis of fungicides
analysis of fungicides (services)
analysis of herbicides
analysis of herbicides (services)
analysis of material surface
analysis of material surface (services)
analysis of materials (services)
analysis of materials (services)
analysis of metals
analysis of metals (services)
analysis of minerals (services)
analysis of mycotoxins (instruments and reagents)
analysis of mycotoxins (services)
analysis of mycotoxins (training)
analysis of nitrates
analysis of nitrates (services)
analysis of oenological products (services)
analysis of oil products (services)
analysis of pesticides
analysis of pesticides (services)
analysis of petrol (service)
analysis of petrol products
analysis of plant product (service)
analysis of soils
analysis of soils (services)
analysis of trace element
analysis of trace element (service)
analytical atomic absorption spectrometry (services)
analytical balance
Analytical centrifugation
analytical emission spectrometry (services)
analytical flame photometry (services)
analytical kit
analytical technic (training)
analyzer molecular interaction surface
anatomopathology (instrument and reagent)
anatomopathology (instrument)
anatomopathology (reagent)
anesthesia (hardware)
animal drug product
animal experimentation material
animal facilitie (equipment)
animal facilities monitoring
animal handling material
animal model surgery
animal testing alternative
animal vented cabinet
annexin V assay
Anti Noise Headphone
anti-electrostatic hose
anti-vibration balance
antibiotic assay
antibiotic reagent for research
antibodies fragmentation
antibodies labeling
antibodies purification ( service)
antibodies secondary
antibody coupled
antibody development
antibody optimisation
antifatigue mats - ESD or standard
antifreeze analysis (services)
antifreeze analysis (services)
antislip mat
antivibration product ( levellingfeet and machine pad)
antivibration table
antivibration table
AOX analysis (equipment and reagent)
apyrogenic ultra pure water (system)
arsenic dosage
artificial intelligence AI
asbestos analysis (services)
Ash Fusibility Furnace
asphalt (testing equipment)
Asphalt Binder Analyzer
assay kit
Assay microplate
assemblies testing
ATEX agitator for can
ATEX agitator for container
ATEX agitator for container
ATEX Agitator for drum
ATEX industrial mixer
ATEX laboratory agitator
ATEX laboratory mixer
ATEX pharmaceutical mixer
ATEX pneumatic agitator pharmaceutical compressed air
ATEX vacuum pump
ATG/GC-MS systems
atmospheric sensor
atomic absorption
atomic fluorescence mercury analyser
Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
atomic force microscopy
atomizing nozzle
ATP determination
ATP determination (kit and reagent)
ATR for IR and FTIR spectrometry
autoclavable bag
autoclavable transport box
autoclave after sales service
autoclave control
autoclave deodorizer
autoclave manufacturer
autoclave Sterilizer
autoclave synthesis
automated instrumentation for combinatorial chemistry
automated microscope
automated sample preparation system
automated SPE
automated station ELISA
automated system
automatic colony counter
automatic inoculator
automatic micropipette
automatic pipette rinser
automatic sample changer
automatic syringe
automatic system for microplates
automation integration
automation of sample preparation
Automation reservoir
Autonomous splicer
autoradiography film
autosampler (GC)
autosampler (LC)
autosampler syringe